Parties & Events Are Right Up Our Alley

It’s a whole new ball game–with a 360° spin on parties and events that are kid-friendly, adult-approved, or corporate-ready. Hear that sound? It’s not just crashing pins—it’s windmill high-fives, newly-minted nicknames, and memories that even time won’t be able to fade. Astonishingly-fun events begin with AMF. Our superior lanes, friendly service, and newly re-vamped menu of satisfying food and beverages will ensure that your event is not just eventful but unforgettable.



Kids' Parties

Let your kids celebrate out loud-with
a classic bowling birthday thrown by the best.


Adult Parties

Bars and clubs are so cliché. Put a new spin on all your social affairs with a laneside party.


Corporate Events

Ditch the flowcharts and mission statements-and celebrate your team with an all-star event.




Let The Brainstorming Begin With Our Corporate, Holiday, Kids Birthday, & Adult Party Ideas!


Our corporate parties are a blast! This time, try something different AND fun!

A corporate event does not have to be uneventful. Try something different AND fun. Book your next company party at AMF and we'll make sure everyone has a blast. All of our locations offer delicious food and cold drinks and our catering staff and bartenders make sure the food arrives at just the right time lane-side.

Here are some tips to consider while planning your corporate party.

  • • Some of our locations have private party rooms. Ask your party planners what is best for your event.
  • • Want decorations? We can help with that or you can bring your own. Either way, we’ll work with you to make sure your work party is perfect, down to the last detail.
  • • Skip the last-minute, walk-in drama. When you book ahead, you’ll be sure you get the right number of lanes for your group. You won’t have to wait, and we’ll time the food so it’s ready when you need it.
  • • When you are reserving lanes, assume at least 2 hours for bowling plus time to enjoy the food, drinks, and atmosphere.
  • • Consider inviting clients and business partners who have helped make your year successful. Bonding over drinks and some healthy competition can strengthen professional relationships.
  • • Do something special for the guests, like handing out bowling trophies or prizes. Make them fun, silly, or outrageous. Your party planner can help you with that.

Whether you’re hosting a small crowd or a big one, our corporate event experts are ready to help you plan the event. Just fill out the event planning form and one of our planners will contact you within 24 hours.

A corporate bash doesn’t have to be a corporate bore. At AMF, you bring the people. We’ll handle the office party!


When it comes to holiday parties, the theme is half the fun!

Whether you're one party planner or a group of folks getting together to plan the ultimate office holiday spectacular, a theme is the first step in party planning that really gets employees excited about what's to come. So brainstorm, crowd-source or even get attendees to vote on the theme they like best. Either way, you're going to have fun even before you get to the party.

6 Holiday Party Ideas That Everyone Will Love

Ugly Sweater Get Together
Deck the halls with bowling balls this season by hosting your own ugly holiday sweater get together with family, friends or coworkers. You bring the sweaters and we’ll bring the fun.

Zombie Bowling Showdown

Who will win the face-off between zombies and mankind? Put on your best zombie or zombie hunter costume and challenge each other to a game that will determine the future of your population!

Classic Holiday Movie
Pick a classic holiday movie like A Christmas Carol or The Nightmare Before Christmas and use it to guide your food, drinks, decorations, and invitations.

Masquerade Bowl
We’ve all heard of a masquerade ball, but how about a masquerade bowl? Dress up in your most extravagant attire (don’t forget a decorative mask) for a night of extravagant bowling.

Holiday Swap
Who said a holiday party has to be all jingle bells and twinkle lights? Why not make your "holiday" Valentine's Day or Independence Day? Surely attending a St. Patrick's Day or Halloween party during the holidays will make your event one to remember.

White Elephant
What would the holidays be without gifts? A white elephant theme is a great way to incorporate color, group interactions and hilarity into your holiday party. Instruct your guests to bring a wrapped gag gift to exchange. Then draw numbers from a hat and pick a gift, swap and laugh your way to an unforgettable party.

AMF bowling is the perfect place to host this year’s holiday party. You can plan it on your own or ask us for help when you submit a request online to reserve your lanes.

Celebrate the holidays this year with AMF.


When it comes to kids birthdays, AMF is all fun and games!

If you want to hold the attention of a bunch of kids during a birthday party, hold it at AMF. It's a great way to keep everyone active and entertained. Plus, it's something different than the average children's party. Not only can we help you with the food and drinks, we've got great ideas for birthday cakes and decorations.

4 Easy & Fun Kids Birthday Bowling Games

XTreme® bowling. When you’re making your party reservation, mention you want to try glow-in-the-dark bowling. Add glow-in-the-dark cups, utensils and more and you’ve got a birthday party that really pops!

Wacky bowling. Make a simple list of rules depending on the type of bowling game you want to play. For example, bowl backwards. Or try blindfolded bowling. Bowl between the birthday child’s legs. The wackier the better, and kids will wish it won’t end.

Dress the part. Ask each child to dress as his or her favorite character. Make sure the kids stay in character as they bowl. The kid who stays in character the best – as they bowl – takes the cake!

Guess the pins. As the kids get ready to bowl, ask them to predict the number of pins they will knock down. At the end of the game, the child who got the closest each time wins.

AMF bowling is the perfect place to handle small groups or a big bunch of happy kids. You can plan it on your own or ask us for help when you book online to reserve your lanes.

For a birthday your child wishes would never end, have it at AMF.



Bring out the big kid in every “adult” you know.

Our adult bowling birthday parties are just as much fun as our kids parties. Just bring your 20-to-90-somethings and we'll help you with the rest. From delicious food and adult beverages to cakes and decorations, we've got just what your birthday crowd wants: a great time.

5 Easy Ideas for Adult Birthday Parties

Age is everything. Take the age of the birthday man or woman and make everything about that number. Invite that many guests. See who can bowl that number first. Make sure the party starts promptly at 7:38 – if the age of the person is 38, of course. There are endless ways to be fun and engaging.

Picture-perfect birthday party. Take a stroll down memory lane and ask everyone to contribute photos they have of the birthday guy or girl. Create t-shirts for all the guests with the best photo. Stick them on the ball return. Have gift bags for guests with a photo printed on the outside. It’s a great way to make the special day truly one they won’t forget.

Go black. No matter what their age, ask everyone to dress in black. Turn the lanes into a one-foot-in-the-grave party.

Go back in time. Have a themed party that will be especially nostalgic for the birthday recipient. Have a 50s sock hop. Ever seen a hippies bowl? Have a screamin’ 80s hair band bash. The possibilities are endless.

Monochromatic. An eye-catching party is one that’s very easy. Find out the birthday guy or girl’s favorite color and make everything from paper cups and plates to decorations and cakes match. Ask the guests to dress in that color. Even if that means pink, guys.

We can handle big crowds or small ones. Book your party online or fill out our online request form to reserve your party today.